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The Chalet is a community of artists' studios and exhibition spaces. The term “The Chalet” has also come to be known as a wider collective of artists working in multiple cities across North America and Europe who at one point exhibited or shared studio space in the physical venue in Glasgow. The previously unnamed studio building was branded in 2010 with its debut exhibition 'The Chalet Invitational' part of The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art that year.

The Chalet's physical presence, like its exhibition programme, is in constant flux. A veritable Frankenstein's monster of a building, the once dilapidated Chalet has been built and rebuilt and now holds within its walls a plethora of architectural approaches dating back well before the second world war. The exhibitions over the last four years have taken place amidst the Chalet's continual renovation. This peculiar environment has added to, if not inspired, the eclectic and heady mix of artistic expression that takes place within The Chalet. This peculiar relationship between the fabric of the building and the exhibitions has also provided us the opportunity to allow dramatic artists' interventions to take place within the space: artists working directly with the ancient sandstone and brick, calling up dilemmas in architectural ethics, gentrification, and the editing of history.

The Chalet has built a unique reputation for questioning the all too convenient divisions of contemporary art, fine art, low art, design, architecture, graffiti, functional works, non-functional works, and dysfunctional works. The artists at The Chalet have long held elitism and populism both unworthy of allegiance. One might view a performance piece from the comfort of a space age recliner, or question whether the precariously placed timber is part of the evolving architecture or a sculptural intervention. Viewers may find a commissioned mural by a little known local street-artist on the front of the building before walking inside to see works by artists also exhibiting in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Our aim is to examine convention by breaking it, examine hierarchies by undermining them, and all the while offer up meticulously selected, seamless, and deeply considered exhibitions.


All exhibitions are curated by Seth Orion Schwaiger on-site except where noted.

Sehnsucht Commissioned by Glasgow International and Outset Scotland

The Chalet had no exhibitions in 2013 due to our curator's return to study and the increased necesity for work space in the studios for activity including the production of work for large projects by Lucy Skaer and David Shrigley.

The Chalet Prize 2012

Streetland Meetland live music event
Coax Me cocurated with Jason Mathis
The Chalet: Contemporary Art and Design The Collins Gallery, Glasgow, curated by Laura Hamilton
The Chalet Prize

The Chalet Invitational part of The Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art


Below is a list of artists who've exhibited with The Chalet

Rachel Adams
Michael Ball
Christopher Boyd
Oliver Braid
Alistair Burt
Amelia Bywater
Caroline Campbell
Chuck Chaney
Yvonne Chiffon
Jamie Cooper
Laura Cooper
Claire Davies
Tori Drost
Lola Dupré
Hannah Ellul
FiST Marion Ferguson
Russel Dempster
Simon Harlow
Norman Sutton Hibbert
Hyojun Hyun
Justin Ludwar
Jason Mathis

Elizabeth McDonald
Colin McDougall
Kevin McFall
Oliver H. V. Mezger
John Nicol
Carla Novi
Anne Patsch
Blake Peterson
Benjamin Rankin
Sybren Renema
Brent Ridge
Jonny Shaw
Roy Mohan Shearer
(winner of The Chalet Prize 2011) Suzie Smith
Alexander Stalmann
Matthew Sulivan
Anna Tanner
Gerry Thomson
Shelton Walker
Ben Walker
Shelton Walker
Sarah Jane Wright
George Ziffo


For information or to contribute to the archive contact Seth at

The Chalet        18 Dixon Ave. Glasgow, G42 8ED        (just across from Queen's Park Station)

Many Chalet exhibitions and the maintenance of this archive would not be possible without the support of our current and former supporting groups and parners.